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Investing for Success Funding

​Our school this year received Investing for Success funding which has been of significant benefit to our students. This substantial funding is additional to the school grant and enables schools to provide programs that enhance student learning outcomes based on the needs of our school community.
As a school, we have focused the majority of this additional funding on programs for students in the early years. This strategy is backed by research which suggests that early intervention to support the development of literacy and numeracy skills provides long-term benefits for learners and for society.
The Investing for Success funding is provided by the Federal Government and was originally known as ‘Students First’ funding, which was instigated in response to the Gonski Review of School Funding. The Gonski Review was the most extensive investigation of school funding for almost 40 years. Commissioned by the Government in 2010 and chaired by businessman David Gonski, the review panel received more than 7000 submissions, visited 39 schools, and consulted 71 education groups across Australia. The Gonski report identified the need to provide all schools with a base level of funding and to provide schools with additional funding to cater for additional student needs.
The Investing for Success (previously called Great Results Guarantee) funding is a step toward such a needs-based model. For this reason, schools with greater numbers of students with high level learning needs receive significantly more funding than schools in areas with fewer such students.
Not all states in Australia have allocated this additional federal funding directly to schools. In Queensland, the Investing for Success funding has allowed schools the opportunity to initiate programs for students that were simply not possible in the past.
As a result of the programs we have implemented at Emerald North State School using this funding over the past two years, we have noted an improvement in students’ results in English. This was also reflected in student diagnostic testing results as well as other standardised tests.
Emerald North State School is utilising the 2016 Investing for Success funding ($116000) in the following ways to enhance student learning in the area of Reading:
  • Allocation of additional teacher and teacher aide hours in Early Years classrooms reduce class sizes and to deliver targeted and individualised intervention programs in reading. ($70000)
  • Purchase Speech Language Pathologist allocation (2 days per week) ($32000)
  • Developing teacher capability in reading through mentoring and pedagogical coaching. ($10000)
  • Participation of high potential students in IMPACT projects through Brisbane SDE. ($4000).
Our full 2016 Investing for Success Plan can be accessed from our website.
The Investing for Success funding for this year and next year was announced in 2015. We are unsure at this point what will happen beyond 2017. Educators across the country remain hopeful that all federal political parties will identify education as a key federal election issue, and ensure that the needs-based model proposed by Gonski will be fully implemented into the future. This would ensure that schools have long-term funding certainty to continue to support learners, especially those most in need.
At the local level, long-term funding certainty would enable programs such as those above to be continued or expanded in our school community.