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School lunches


​As discussed last year at P&C, it was decided that students are to bring their lunchboxes into the classroom to a location designated by each teacher (eg in school bags hung over the back of their chair, in pigeon holes, in/on student desks, at the entry to the room).

This is to ensure that

  • lunchboxes stay cooler, being in the airconditioned classroom
  • students don't eat their entire lunch at first break and therefore come to the office at second break looking for more food
  • lunchboxes are monitored more closely and thus reduce theft during classtime and breaks
  • reduced access for birds, especially when left in the uncover areas and bag racks unzipped after eating time.

Please discuss explicitly with your child, especially in the lower grades, what has been packed for lunch and what is to be eaten at each break. In the upper years, students can then put empty containers back in their bags as was previously the case. In the lower school, students could put their containers into the laundry baskets classes were given last year for lunches.